Social Club

Social Club

Keep up to date on a range of exciting regular events throughout the year for all age groups.

Hutchies' Social Club brings together our people for great and entertaining events all year round. It's a great opportunity to get together with your workmates in a fun setting.

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Joining social club

Hutchies has an active social club which hosts a range of events. All company members are welcome to join.

Social Club is a $5.00 per week automatic deduction from your pay.

Hutchies matches all contributions to boost funds and maximise event opportunities for company members.

How social club works

The aim of Hutchies' social club is to bring together all company members from all sites and offices; to mix and meet with fellow workmates, partners and management in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

The club holds approximately four functions each year:

> The respective men's and ladies' weekends
> Two outings for members and their partners
> A Christmas Party at the end of the year especially for the children

Social club rules

1 / A weekly deduction of $5.00 will be automatically taken out of all members' pays by Payroll, subsidised by the company when profitable

2 / Contributions will be held in an interest-bearing account, controlled by each Social Club Treasurer, and audited annually

3 / Members who leave the company or are terminated will not receive reimbursement, except under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Executive

4 / Members unable to attend functions will not be entitled to reimbursement
To be eligible for the ‘annual trips’, attendees must be financial members of the social club for at least six months. For any other function, attendees must be financial members for at least three months

5 / The Executive nominates a maximum amount each year to spend on gifts for children aged 12 or under at the Kids’ Christmas Party. Members must attend the party for their children to receive a gift

6 / Members without children can nominate one or two children of relatives to attend the Kids’ Christmas Party. Members must attend the party for the children to receive their gift

7 / Should you not attend and not give reasonable notice that you won’t be attending, you may have to contribute a portion of the cost and you will automatically be at the bottom of the list for next event you reply to go to – therefore you may miss out on a place.